Holistic Reiki Therapy

Healing is a gift, and like any other gift it should be given,
not sold nor hoarded.

The beautiful thing about Reiki is that – much like singing or piano playing – the gift must be practised in order to maintain its efficacy. Without regular practise, the Reiki energies do not flow as readily or strongly as they could. Therefore, the practitioner needs the ‘patient’ equally, for without practise, the gift cannot continue to be given and shared with the world.


What To Expect From A Reiki Session

First, send Naví a message by using the contact form below. Be prepared to describe your ailment in detail.

The Reiki session will most likely take place in her home, and possibly with other Reiki practitioners present. A Reiki treatment lasts between one hour and six hours maximum (with breaks included, of course). If all parties present are able to maintain focus and concentration for long enough, then the session will last until the ailment is relieved. Tea, coffee and water are offered.

Be prepared to bring an offering to compensate Naví for the time invested. Offerings, donations (the non-tax-deductible kind), gifts, barter and trade are more than welcome. Some ideas:

  • White or red wine
  • Herbal tea
  • Building furniture
  • Home-cooked food
  • In-kind services (live music, reflexology, etc.)

Wear loose, comfortable clothing. You may lie on your stomach and back, or sit reclined in a chair during treatment. No clothing will be removed, save shoes (optionally).

If you have a preference for music to listen to in the background, please let me know. Soft, relaxing and calming music without words is preferred.

Swear words and negative, hateful speech is forbidden during the Reiki session. I also ask that you not ingest alcohol or ‘street drugs’ the day before and the day of the Reiki treatment.

Praise Be To God, Not Man

Everyone who sees me is given complete and utter discretion. No judgement, no gossip, and genuine lack of personal motivation concerning meddling in your life. What I ask of you, in turn, is to uphold my way of seeing things, which is two-fold:

If I do not relieve you of your ailments, shout it from the rooftops. Google reviews, Facebook, word of mouth, everything – be as detailed as possible.

If I do relieve you of your ailments, please do not discuss what has transpired in wide circles. Telling people in person or over the telephone if that person has a vested interest in your health, genuine concern over your welfare, or is suffering themselves — then, that is when it’s acceptable to tell others.

My attitude toward the retelling of my actions has sound reason. If stories of ‘miraculous healing’ circulate, many people may come to me for treatment whom I am in truth unable to help. I do not have a 100% success rate. I am not the right ‘fit’ for everyone seeking to reattain health. Furthermore, my ego could get too inflated thinking that “I” could help people, when actually the miracle of Nature and the Divine is responsible for convalescence and sustaining life. I’m merely a form of conduit and observer and discoverer.

What Does A Reiki Session Cost?

Of course, there must be balance in this monetary world. Home-cooked food, barter, trade, and hugs won’t pay the rent. However, neither do I want to practise Reiki for a living — because having to do something for money changes the feeling of the activity or action.

There are also many, many other Reiki practitioners within walking distance of my place who charge a set fee with set times (measure in minutes or hours) for Reiki. I do not wish to impose on the systems they already have set up in place.

If anyone has an issue with my way of practising Reiki, please use the contact form below to get in touch, and accept my apologies in advance. My intentions are pure and Good, and we can resolve any miscommunications or misunderstandings.

You can make a contribution or ‘domation’ for Reiki here.

Make Monetary Contribution

About Gracenote Therapy

The name “Gracenote” is a play on two things: Naví’s great-grandmother and family matriarch, Grace Gingerellli, who emmigrated from Italy to northern Minnesota, as well as the musical unit “Gracenote” due to Naví’s love of music and view of healing as an art form and talent.


Marie holds the 3rd degree in the Mikau Usui tradition of Reiki, and has also been given permission to teach Reiki. She visits support groups for Chronic Fatigue, Myalgia and other souls living and struggling with chronic conditions. If you’d like to learn Reiki from her, or have her and/or Naví visit your support group, please use the contact form below to get in touch today.

naví reiki 3rd degree practitioner


Naví (rhymes with Marie) holds the 3rd degree in the Mikau Usui line of Reiki. Originally from Minnesota, USA, he obtained all 3 degrees in Berlin, Germany, where he lived for over one decade. Naví holds regular Reiki practice sessions and ‘meet-ups’.

Naví prefers to be referred to in the masculine or feminine genders, because both energies are present in her and she also believes both genders are equally beautiful and srong.

Get in Touch

The contact form below sends a message to Naví, who maintains the website and all that online techy stuff. We do not use your contact details for marketing, nor do we sell / trade it to third parties. We use it only to contact you, to get back in touch with you.

Please let us know if you are:

  • Interested in learning Reiki
  • Needing some Reiki treatment
  • Would like Naví / Marie to stop by a support group, school, hospital or other institution for a demo and chat about Reiki

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