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We believe that healing is a gift, and gifts should be given and shared — not bought and sold.

However, in this world we must pay rent, purchase goods, and perform other actions for which money is necessary. We therefore kindly ask for contributions to compensate for the time we’ve given in performing Reiki, Reflexology or Massage.

How Much Should I Contribute?

Barter & Trade

Many, many hours were invested in learning and honing our craft(s). Additionally, much money has been paid for our own learning. Therefore, one hour of Reiki wouldn’t be considered equal to one hour of an untrained task such as house cleaning, for example. One hour could be exchanged with 5 hours of house cleaning, or 3 hours of a moderately skilled craft such as web design.

Here are some ideas for in-kind payments or barter:

  • House cleaning
  • Home-cooked or home-baked food
  • Other therapy forms (i.e. Reflexology, Acupuncture)
  • Distributing flyers
  • Social media promotion

Here are some ideas for trade:

  • Candles
  • Nuts, dried fruits, etc.
  • Red or white wine
  • Gin

All forms of trade, barter and in-kind payments must first be agreed upon before service is rendered. Please contact us if you are interested.

Monetary Sums

Marie charges 35 Pounds Sterling for one hour of Reiki.

Naví includes time spent on the phone, giving distance Reiki, talking about the situation, contemplating it and time spent receiving Reiki. One hour on the table isn’t really one hour of total time given. So, a donation is asked for in exchange for the time and energy invested.

A Note on Contributions

Gracenote Therapy is the trading name of Biofeedback Centre Bristol LTD., a privately held company with Companies House number 11486072 registered in Wales & England. It is not a registered charity. Payments made are generally not tax deductible, so please consult a tax accountant or tax advisor if you’re unsure about your own circumstances.

Invoices can be issued upon request, and invoice details are included at right.

Bank Details

Lloyds Bank
Account Holder: Kasey Naví Phifer
Biofeedback Centre Bristol LTD.
Acct. no.: 18762463
Sort code: 30-62-96

Contact Details

+44 7394 870 156

Biofeedback Centre Bristol LTD.
Trading as Gracenote Therapy
One Temple Way, Fifth Floor
Bristol, BS2 0BY, England

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