What Is Reiki?

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Other sources in the internet might be able to offer more information on the origins of Reiki. This page is simply my story of the origins, how I learned it from my Reiki teacher, and how she learned it from her teacher.

Mikau Usui

mikau usui reiki bringerIn the early 1900s on the island of Japan, Mikau Usui was engaged in teaching and medicine. One day, a student asked Mr. Usui if they could lay hands on people to cure them, much like Jesus of Nazareth did. Mikau ventured atop a mountain to fast and pray, with this goal in mind.

After 21 days, he came down from the mountain and ordered a full Japanese breakfast at the first inn he came upon. The inkeeper, seeing his unshaved face and thin state, protested that a man cannot eat a full meal after fasting. Mikau insisted, and finally received his full meal. He ate it completely, without any problems, then returned home to his wife.

Take Something Away, Then Fill the Space

Mikau began healing, and teaching others to heal, simply by placing hands upon the body and letting the wisdom of divine healing energy flow through. Lepers in the streets, forced to beg for a living, were suddenly cured and healthy. They were normal. They were average. And they were not, in such a short period of time, able to adjust to their new lives.

Despite being healthy, they returned to the streets to beg for a living. This upset Mr. Usui, who then realised that something must be given when another thing is taken away. Such is the homeostasis of living organisms. The negative aspects of a disease (discomfort, emotional duress, pain, shame, isolation) must be addressed as well as the actual (alright, let’s call this ‘scientific’ such as viral or bacterial) cause of the disease.

By taking away the pain of the disease, the space must be filled with understanding and insight and deeper meaning. Otherwise, a similar pain will be (un)consciously chosen to take its place.

Mighty High Price

Mr. Usui and others began training in Reiki practitioners, in a 3-step process called ‘initiation’. It is fairly well documented that his wife charged a sum equivalent to around ten thousand U.S. Dollars for the Reiki Master (3rd) Degree. I ended up paying thousands of Euros for my degrees, obtained in Berlin, Germany from Artemis (Andrea Tietböl) and Silke Beekman.

In these days, and these modernised places, money is much easier to get a hold of, so that the high price of completing the Master Attunement is a sacrifice much more dear. One can sweat and struggle for money – nearly as if it is one’s own life – but it is not. Having to sacrifice time for regular meetings, having to face one’s own demons and having to pry into the true root cause of one’s illness….. that is a sacrifice more dear than money.


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